Shamburger George’s Dodgy Delivery Defence

The Sun has confirmed the Guy Newsroom’s suspicions about Osborne’s choice of gourmet burger provider:

20130627-084750.jpg If the Chancellor thinks he’ll be getting an easier ride from the new editor this’ll have him choking on his chips. He’s coming under a McFlurry of criticism this morning for taking away from tax-efficient £10-a-burger Byron, who are obviously run by an Etonian. His defence is particularly dodgy:

“McDonald’s doesn’t deliver, I was working late in the office.”

Awkwardly, neither do Byron, a fact Guido can confirm from disappointed experience. Touring the studios to talk about the spending round, Osborne finds himself in the statesmanlike position of having to confirm or deny if his burger was delivered or picked up by an aide. You can bet the two Eds are planning their carefully choreographed visit to a local Maccy D’s as we speak…

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