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Julie Bailey, founder of the Cure the NHS campaign group, which exposed the Mid Staffordshire scandal, has closed up her café in Stafford and is moving out of the town after “misinformed local political activists” desecrated her mother’s grave:

“I am having to leave my home, my livelihood and my friends because a few misinformed local political activists have fuelled a hate campaign based on proven lies. The final straw for me was the desecration of my mum’s grave. It is a sad day today, but I have no alternative than to move out of Stafford.  The last few months have been a very distressing time for myself and Cure the NHS; our main aim has always been a safer NHS for all. Difficult as it is for people, everyone must finally realise that patient safety must be the priority. The main focus for every hospital must be the patient.”

This is a new low for those who see the NHS as a religion. Guido has a pretty good idea where these “misinformed local political activists” are coming from. When the project is threatened, out come the heavies. The CQC whistle blower was subjected to a secret mental health assessment, the aim of which was to discredit her. Not loving the NHS has become a mental condition in the eyes of its fanatical fans. The BMA passed their vote of no confidence in Hunt yesterday because apparently he “denigrates the NHS.” How very dare he criticise the NHS, when at last the truth is beginning to come out…

As Ian Birrell wrote in the Indy last weekend:

“Britons cling to a nostalgic notion that this creaking, outdated institution is the envy of the world. Perhaps, as scandal after scandal washes over the service, our nation can finally grow up and see that such myopic worship helped foster a culture of complacency kills patients.”

This has to stop…

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