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Yesterday Guido revealed in his Sun column:

“The usually secretive Midlands Industrial Council, a discreet business group which has donated millions over the years to the Tories, organised an upmarket booze cruise on Cunard’s new Queen Elizabeth, sailing from Southampton to Zeebrugge. Guido was alerted to the jolly by a tweet from the billionaire former Tory donor Lord Ashcroft saying he had “Just boarded the QE for a 36 hour mini cruise with a group of midlands businessmen”, the military medal collector really should know that “loose tweets sink fleets”. Onboard singing for their supper in hope of further donations were Liam Fox and more surprisingly the UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Tory fundraisers will be more than a little alarmed to know that their once loyal big money donors are now entertaining the man taking their votes”

So imagine how flattered he was to read in Andrew Pierce’s Mail column this morning the very same story with a couple of words changed:

“The Midlands Industrial Council, a shadowy body which has given millions of pounds to the Conservative Party over the past 20 years, took to the high seas to debate relations with the EU. Guest speakers on the two-day cruise on the Queen Elizabeth to Zeebrugge on the coast of Belgium were Liam Fox, the former Tory Cabinet minister, and Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader. If the Midlands Industrial Council, with its fat cheque book, is  listening to Farage, the Tory high command should be worried. Really worried.”

What a coincidence!

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