Smash the BBC: Harman Wants 15% Market Share Cap mdi-fullscreen


harriet-harman-280_1037951aAt last a politician with the courage to stand up to the dangerously influential, scandal-hit corporation that dominates the British media. Harriet Harman’s proposed 15% market share cap would, once and for all, break the unrivalled power of the BBC, who are currently over three times that with a 47.2% share. No one else comes close, News International for example are well under the proposed cap at just 10.1%. As the Greek national broadcaster is shut down to save money, it is worth noting the huge multiplier effect of the £4.3 billion that would be in consumers’ pockets in this country without the Beeb. If they were first regulated by Ofcom rather than the tame BBC Trust, then Hattie had her way, the BBC could be cut down to size…

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