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Gove has outlined the Tories’ defence of their record in government and main attack lines against Labour for the next two years in a withering piece for the Telegraph this morning. On Dave:

20130531-085357.jpg “This Government – and PM – has reduced the deficit, made the tax system more competitive, reformed the welfare state, cut net migration, reduced crime, made the NHS more efficient and compassionate, secured progress on the EU budget, repatriated European powers, freed millions from dictatorship, created a million new private sector jobs, presided over the largest number of business start-ups in a 12-month period in recorded history, restored rigour to GCSEs and A-levels, created 2,000 academy schools and ensured that no one on benefits earns more than the average wage.”

On Miliband:

“The weakness of Ed Miliband is all the starker when we consider that there is no programme of concrete policies, bound together by principles that make them intelligible and resilient, which any of us in politics can yet associate with his leadership. He is as clearly defined as a blancmange in a hurricane.”

On Balls:

“Balls responds to every development in the same way – let’s party like it’s 1929. He wants to enlist us all in sponsoring a revival of his one-man show, “Gordon Brown 2 – Return to the Edge of Bankruptcy””

A message Number 10 could do worse than repeating…


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