Ashcroft v Lynton Gets Bloody

When Lynton Crosby was hired by Cameron, a grumpy Lord Ashcroft kindly warned the Aussie hardman:

“Finally, I know you understand as much as anyone that it’s never a good thing when the adviser is the story. That being the case, I’m sure you’ll get on with the job and stay out of the limelight. Meanwhile, I’ll be following progress closely and will no doubt have more to say as things unfold.”

Taking to Twitter Lord Ashcroft has been quick to get with the Twitter meme thing, going so far as to recommend a Downfall Parody video:

It looks like the good Lord’s lunch yesterday with Labour’s attack dogs has paid off. Can it be a coincidence that the limelight is shining on Crosby just hours later? Labour Twitter lines to take are full of digs at the antipodean spinner, for example:

Dugher, singing for his supper.

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Quote of the Day

Lewis Goodall opines

“Remainer readers may dislike Mr Farage – they may dislike his style, his rhetoric, his approach – but he cannot be faulted for his appreciation of strategy. If his opponents don’t up their game – and fast – he will beat them, just as he did before.”


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