Telegraph Bungle Redundancy Day

Uproar in Victoria in the run up to today’s mass redundancy announcements. Staff have been particularly put out by the eager camera crew drifting around the newsroom filming a slick info-mericial about the new “Digital First” plans before the eighty editorial staff getting the chop to fund it are even out of the door.

If these emails obtained by Media Guido are anything to go by, the sackings have been handled with all the tact of David Brent:

“Following the Townhall meetings on 12th March and our letter of 11th March, you will know that the Company is required to make a number of redundancies and it has been necessary to apply the selection criteria referred to in my letter of 12th March. We would like to arrange an individual meeting with you to discuss the provisional selection for redundancy exercise. You may, if you wish, bring a colleague or trade union representative along with you to the meeting.”

Followed by:

Please note that my previous email was sent to all those who last week received a letter saying that they were at risk of redundancy. It did not mean that you have been selected for redundancy. Only those who are provisionally selected for redundancy will be communicated with later this week and will receive an appointment within the timeslots advised on the previous email. Apologies for any confusion or distress caused by the last email.”

The cheery tone adopted last night has not helped:

Hi everyone,

Ahead of a couple of very difficult days I want to let you know that Laurie in Services has very kindly offered to help staff with removing their personal belongings from the building. If you are made redundant you can go to the post room and get a cardboard box which you can then fill with your belongings and leave at your desk. Services will then contact you to arrange delivery of your belongings to your home address. Please label all boxes with your name, address and phone number.

It’s going to be a long day. Staff at the soon to be merged Sunday Telegraph seem most worried.

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Quote of the Day

Appearing on BBC Radio West Midlands this morning, the Prime Minister was asked: “What are you getting Carrie for Christmas?”

Boris: “I’m going to get Brexit done”


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