Mike Freer v 38 Degrees: Round 2

In this weekend’s Sun column Guido brought you Round One of Tory MP Mike Freer’s get-your-own-back campaign against 38 Degrees. Last night Freer explained his motives to Guido:

“I answer most personal emails myself and these auto campaigns actually dilute the service I can give. I hope to meet 38 Degrees to discuss.”

Seems 38 Degrees aren’t backing down, however. They insist to Guido:

“Mike Freer is an MP. Sorry he doesn’t like his voters getting in touch, but that’s part of his job. His voters have every right to contact him, and I’m sure they will continue to do so, particularly if he is doing stuff they don’t like. 38 Degrees will keep helping them make their voices heard. I’d be very happy to meet Mike and explain this to him over a coffee.”

Seconds out…

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Quote of the Day

Emily Thornberry tells Today

“I want a people’s vote but I want it to be a big and proper people’s vote, which is a general election.”


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