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Not content with blogging about how rubbish Dave is, Brian Binley has decided to write to the PM directly; and leak the letter. No.10 won’t be too upset on the gay marriage issue as it will fit their change narrative, but the words on Europe should jar nicely. Highlights include:

Dear Prime Minister,

Having been an office holder in the Conservative party for fifty-three years, I find it difficult to remember a time when the party’s leader in government failed consistently to chime with the natural instincts of our supporters. There is a wide – and growing—gap on a number of issues. The media frenzy of the last week-end over gay marriage arising from your premature observations has resulted in the creation of organisational factions within the party squabbling in public over the issue. Countless activists are feeling driven to give up their much-needed support for the party, and, as any legislation progresses, this injury can only get worse.

I am perturbed that our chances of winning the next election are compromised by the pursuit of issues which serve to divide the party, and detach the leadership from its support base in the country. We cannot expect to win without the help and dedication of many of those who have already walked away – and countless others who are considering doing the same. A common sense, convincing and credible response to the major challenges which we face as a nation is the best way to re-invigorate their interest, and will resonate with the wider public as well.

The very instincts and core of our party are based on recognising the knowledge of those who went before us, and Conservatives should progress on that foundation. It pains me that the present leadership seems intent on disagreeing with those basic tenets on an all-too-frequent basis, and we only have a short time to turn the situation around. I implore you to recognise that our current course is one which imperils our prospects for victory in 2015, and to take the steps that, as a leader, will put it right and create a platform for the majority Conservative government that this country so desperately needs.

Perhaps Mr Binley will be writing to Mr Brady next, if he has not already.

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