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When Sayeeda Warsi joined the cabinet she famously hung her jacket from the railings in Downing Street. Now it’s time for no one’s favourite Baroness to get her coat. Here are her greatest hits…

Less Minister without Portfolio and more Minister for Mea Culpas. First she had to apologise for not telling the authorities about her creative rent set-up, then she was saying sorry for taking a business partner and relative on an official visit to Pakistan.

A formal investigation found that Warsi had breached the ministerial code but still somehow she stayed in the job. Perhaps it was her TV appearances that lengthened her political life, though maybe comparing UKIP to the BNP wasn’t the best idea when the Tories are haemorrhaging support to the right. At the time the New Statesman seemed to be her only friends. Now Mehdi Hasan’s only source in the government is gone…

The Baroness never tired of reminding us of her working class roots – even at the very end she was begging Dave not to forget that she was a woman, Asian and from the North.

It was not enough… 

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