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Ed Miliband’s out-of-favour advisor Lord Glasman famously told the Labour leader to toughen up on immigration last year, going as far as accusing the last government of lying about the issue:

“Immigration became the big monster that we don’t like to talk about. There was no public discussion of immigration and its benefits. In fact there was a very hard rhetoric combined with a very loose policy going on. Labour lied to people about the extent of immigration and the extent of illegal immigration and there’s been a massive rupture of trust. Working class men can’t really speak at Labour Party meetings about what causes them grief, concerns about their family, concerns about immigration, love of country, without being falsely stereotyped as sexist, racist, nationalist.”

Rather awkward then that Glasman is a senior employee of London Met, the university that has today been banned from giving visas to foreign students due its dodgy immigration record.

Immigration minister Damian Green this morning slammed London Met for allowing students to stay in Britain illegally, finding that the uni had no idea whether or not students were using their visas as a front to work in the country. Guido reckons immigration might now be the big monster that Maurice Glasman doesn’t want to talk about…

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