Spoof Tweeter Wins First Battle Twitter Forced to Keep Identity Secret

Guido understands that the owner of the spoof Steve Auckland twitter account has today lodged a motion to quash the subpoena filed against Twitter in a Californian court. The spoofer’s attorney is contesting the attempt to reveal his client’s personal information on the grounds that it violates his First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, also alleging that the Daily Mail and General Trust’s expensive legal team have made a series of technical errors that render their case void. Twitter was set to divulge the spoofer’s identity today but as a result of the action they have been forced to keep it secret until the beginning of September. The first battle has been won.

Guido has obtained the court documents filed by the spoof tweeter’s attorney:

Guido’s role in the case is also referenced by the attorney:

A BBC article referenced a UK Blogger “Guido Fawkes” covering the affair, and quoted Defendant Doe as saying that, absent the assistance of pro bono counsel in California, he would have to allow twitter to divulge his identity. I emailed the blog, and offered my services if they could put me in touch with the anonymous author. Thereafter, Defendant Doe contacted me.

A small victory for freedom of speech. Roll on September…

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Quote of the Day

Speaking at the Salzburg Summit on the Brexit negotiations, Juncker revealed:

“No decision will be taken here. Whenever the Commission is too flexible things are going wrong.”


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