Dave’s U-Turns

The Prime Minister will do an impersonation of Margaret Thatcher and say shortly:

“Let me be clear: we are moving in the right direction – not rushing the task, but judging it carefully. And that is why we must resist dangerous voices calling on us to retreat…”

Whilst the government may be sticking to Plan A on the deficit, is Dave really one to lecture on retreats?

The forests were going to be sold off, then they weren’t. The Book Trust was unscrapped. VAT wasn’t going to go up, then it did; there was meant to be a real right of recall, but that has been scrapped too. Rape suspects were going to get anonymity and who can remember “no top down reorganisation of the NHS”? There was a promise not to cut frontline services, but then we got rid of our aircraft carriers. Child benefit plans have been watered down, as have sentencing plans and the about turn on jump-jets cost millions. There was going to be a referendum, then even discussing one was whipped. Who can forget that there were no circumstances in which the government would give money to the IMF to bailout the Eurozone before they gave the IMF £20 billion to bailout the Eurozone. The 1922 Committee still exists, the public isn’t paying for Dave’s personal photographer and last time Guido checked, under 5s still have free school milk. Has he missed anything?

UPDATE: Sky New’s Jon Craig points out that in the last 24 hours alone Dave has u-turned on the date of a Scottish referendum and after Osborne said “open speculation” about the break-up of the euro was damaging for Europe’s economy, Dave immediately started speculating about it making-up or breaking-up.

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