Blarite Fight Back at Potential Red Ed Purge

It’s not just Cabinet reshuffle that is getting tongues wagging at the moment. Patrick Wintour has an extraordinary suggestion today that Ed is preparing to to “long knife” one of his  most competent Shadow Ministers – Liam Byrne:

“Byrne is seen as a Blairite, and there have been tensions in the party about how tough a line to take on welfare. But there has also been difficulties between Byrne and parts of the leader’s office over consulting on major policy announcements, including ensuring Labour MPs are told in advance about key policy changes.”

Now an insider to the policy review whispers to Guido that “Liam has run the policy review exactly to Ed Miliband’s office’s design.”

Any change could come as soon as Monday, and Downing Street will be rubbing their hands at this shift to the left…

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