Galloway Crushes Labour

Yesterday Labour sources laughed off reports of bookies refusing to take bets on Galloway, today they are looking at the most sensational by-election victory in a generation. George Galloway won a 10,140 majority with a 36.59% swing from Labour to Respect.

Galloway was as modest as ever

“By the grace of God, we have won the most sensational victory in British political history … Labour has been hit by a tidal wave in a seat they have held for many decades and dominated for 100 years. I have won a big victory in every part of the constituency, including in areas many people said I should not even compete.”

Galloway shamelessly appealed to Asian youth with a radical anti-imperialist stance, attacking Labour over Iraq and Afghanistan. It will give many a pause for thought, Ken Livingstone in London is running a similar electoral strategy, courting Muslim voters over Gaza and promising  at the Finsbury Park Mosque to make London a beacon for Islam. Labour’s traditional Jewish voters are deserting Livingstone who has cynically calculated that Muslim voters out number Jewish voters 4 to 1 in London. Most Londoners will not want to see the Bradford Spring translated into Ken running a an anti-imperialist London twinned with Gaza…

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Quote of the Day

Former Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King…

“There are arguments for remaining in the EU and there are arguments for leaving the EU. But there is no case whatever for giving up the benefits of remaining without obtaining the benefits of leaving.”


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