Internal Strife at UK Uncut Sexist Pig Revolutionaries Feel the Wrath of the Sisters

All is not well over at UK Uncut. While the group’s spin would have you believe that they are some sort of anarcho-syndicalist, non-hierarchical autonomous collective, they do in fact have leaders and key figures. True to lefty history, instead of fighting the self-perpetuating autocracy, they have started turning their swords of self-righteous indignation on each other.

Guido’s eyes and ears report of a six-hour meeting  to resolve the fact that “many in the group perceive there to be a strong male-dominated gender bias in the leadership of the organisation, and thus in the development of ideas.” In a sign of how bad things have got, professional moderators have been called in. The meeting was chaired by ethical hippy hand-holders Seeds for Change. They were clearly off their bonces all day today because nobody answered a phone at either of their “training collectives” and UK Uncut have declined the opportunity to comment. Are we supposed to have detected a particularly masculine theme running through their ideas to date? Squatting in the country’s most upmarket tearoom and running around the make-up counters in Boots stores seems rather girly to Guido…

UPDATE: It seems avid Uncut watcher and Telegraph blog-chief Damian Thompson has heard from the splitters too.

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Quote of the Day

Jeremy Corbyn told by veteran Jewish MP Margaret Hodge…

“You’re a f***ing anti-aemite and a racist”


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