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All is not well over at UK Uncut. While the group’s spin would have you believe that they are some sort of anarcho-syndicalist, non-hierarchical autonomous collective, they do in fact have leaders and key figures. True to lefty history, instead of fighting the self-perpetuating autocracy, they have started turning their swords of self-righteous indignation on each other.

Guido’s eyes and ears report of a six-hour meeting  to resolve the fact that “many in the group perceive there to be a strong male-dominated gender bias in the leadership of the organisation, and thus in the development of ideas.” In a sign of how bad things have got, professional moderators have been called in. The meeting was chaired by ethical hippy hand-holders Seeds for Change. They were clearly off their bonces all day today because nobody answered a phone at either of their “training collectives” and UK Uncut have declined the opportunity to comment. Are we supposed to have detected a particularly masculine theme running through their ideas to date? Squatting in the country’s most upmarket tearoom and running around the make-up counters in Boots stores seems rather girly to Guido…

UPDATE: It seems avid Uncut watcher and Telegraph blog-chief Damian Thompson has heard from the splitters too.

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