The Right People are Upset mdi-fullscreen!/jameschappers/status/145090606098685952

Ben Brogan reports the French fury:

“…the French are very angry – one French diplomat says that Britain is acting “like a man who wants to go to a wife-swapping party without taking his own wife”. So too are the Europeans. The FT quotes an EU official who says “this is going to cost the UK dearly – they have antagonised everyone”

Jon Snow is watching everything he believes in slip away:!/jonsnowC4/status/144820992026488832

The LibDem MEPs are raging:!/ChrisDaviesMEP/status/145056276110516224

And the man who failed to build alliances in his own family thinks people want to hear his view:!/Ed_Miliband/status/145077711176609792

Needless to say the Guardian is incandescent. What a lovely morning…

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