Saturday Seven Up

The original time Guido entered Parliament he was stopped before he could light the fuse, and his reappearance in the Palace of Westminster this week was cut short before a big bang. He was giving evidence to the special Privacy and Injunctions Select Committee, though was unable to fully utilise Parliamentary Privilege. You can see the full video here

For the rest of the week Parliament was in recess, which was nice for them, but that didn’t stop the fun and games. This week Liam Byrne was dragged into the Cash for Votes saga and Bercow did his best to keep his Labour chums happy by shutting down debate. The Labour leadership are also getting tetchy about the whole affair. Unison cocked up their strike ballot and it’s one rule for them when it comes to the teachers. Even Nick Clegg joined in the union bashing

Favourite stories from the week included the truculent Baroness Trumpington, the BBC caught with their climate trousers down, a world exclusive sneak preview and Fa-rage against the machine. Oh and guess who turned up in Mulcaire’s notebook…

This week 101,288 visitors made 278,373 visits to 450,833 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were:

As always, you are either in front of Guido, or you are behind…

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Quote of the Day

George Freeman on Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit Position:

“The Leader of the Opposition’s Position is crystal clear – he’s for Leave up north and Remain down south.”


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