Saturday Seven Up

As conference season rumbles on, Guido headed to Liverpool to embrace the People’s Party and see what his Labour Comrades were up. Sadly the whole affair was rather tragic, badly organised and dull. Ed’s speech bombed and Ivan Lewis blundered with his half-baked ideas for state regulation of journalists. PR stunts backfired and  Harman let the cat out of the bag that she thinks Labour voters are morons and the whole sorry affair ended with a dire performance of the Red Flag followed by reshuffle speculation. Oh and guess who is back

Away from the conference zone, Craig Oliver’s Twitter account was dug out, Boris called Dave a naughty word, and the Times had to pulp a rather saucy edition. On the airwaves Peter Oborne provided a vintage Newsnight moment…

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Quote of the Day

David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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