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We’re chuffed that Total Politics magazine readers once again voted the top political blog. Thanks are due to the readers and fans who have voted us Britain’s #1 blog for the third year running. We’re so very proud to be the blog you love and they hate. 

We have had scoops large and small, gossip, fun, hounded Johann Hari and even broken some hard news stories to keep bringing in an average of 100,000 readers a week to find out what is really going on in Westminster. Last year we were happy to do our bit to bring down the deficit, this year we have done it again, putting Jane Pilgrim back to work on the front line as an NHS nurse not a full-time union agitator at the taxpayers’ expense. We’re cutting the deficit one non-job at a time.

Looking back on this year we’re pleased that we have increasingly focused on the  hypocrisy of the politico-media nexus. Apart from Private Eye we’re pretty much alone in covering this subject. Investigations like this Guy News edition, which sent Polly Toynbee and Alan Rusbridger into hypocrisy gymnastics:

As the papers remain pretty schtum we’ve been highlighting the pretensions and fears of the media. Almost all of the newspapers have been hacking and blagging away merrily over the years and it is our intention to make sure that the “Circular Firing Squad” happens and that the truth is revealed. It isn’t just one newspaper editor or rogue journalist, it is hundreds of members of Her Majesty’s Press who have been breaking the law. Though you wouldn’t know that if you just read the papers.

It won’t make us any friends, though we didn’t come to Westminster to make friends, and we have certainly achieved that objective. While we’re on the subject we may as well ask about the blogs that didn’t bark: whatever happened to all that nonsense about the left-wing blogs thriving in opposition? They now have full-time staff and union funding yet they’re still not getting cut-through. Despite the change of government, Guido’s still leading the opposition.

We can’t do it without you. We’ll keep digging, muck-raking and totty-watching as long as we have readers who support us. Thanks for your attention…

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