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Former Labour MP Lorna Fitzsimmons is the embattled Chief Executive of the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM)- the lefty pro-Israel lobby group. She’s under fire for continuing to undersell the cause, and a series of embarrassing cock-ups that included being unable to guarantee that the visiting Israeli Deputy Prime Minister wouldn’t be arrested under universal jurisdiction legislation at her fundraising dinner.

Well her latest efforts are sure to quell the growing discontent amongst donors…

Writing to supporters on Friday she said:

“This week a delegation of 15 young Fabians, sponsored by BICOM, have been on a trip to Israel and the West Bank. The Fabians are Britain’s oldest think tank on the centre left and the Young Fabians have a long standing tradition of producing political thinkers and leaders. Delegates include journalists, students, lawyers and councillors, all aged 18 – 31. Some are already opinion makers; some are the decision – makers of the future.

Their impressions and experiences will be recorded in a pamphlet and launched at follow up panel discussion in November.”

Guido can only presume that this pamphlet won’t be including the long list of complaints that the various junior Evil Fabians  have taken to the internet to moan about since they have been back. It’s hard to see exactly how BICOM will be happy with complaints about Israel’s presence in Hebron, praising the realism and understanding of Fatah and calling Israel a blighted democracy. Perhaps most offensive was the thousand word diatribe against Israeli airport security by one Fabian who pulled reigns with the British Embassy over the fact she was asked a few more questions than her fellow travellers on account of being of Pakistani origin. At this rate Lorna’s pamphlet is going to be a PR hit for all the wrong reasons…

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