Saturday Seven Up

Traditionally the quietest of weeks in Westminster, MPs have started trickling back, though some of them would have been better off staying away. Conversation has mainly focused on Darling’s imminent memoir, some of which was leaked to Labour UncutApparently Gordon was a prime mentalist and Balls a backstabber… Who knew? 

The fall out from the leaks upset the Sunday Times who have paid for the serialisation rights, so Guido has been as helpful as possible to Darling after Uncut pulled their story.

Elsewhere this week Guido upset the greens and has been digging into Milband’s PPS Michael Dugher’s former career as an MoD SpAd, turned defence lobbyist. Guido did a three part expose herehere and here. We also suggested to Lord Leveson that Piers Morgan should be an expert witness for his phone-hacking inquiry and revealed the Balls loyalist busted leaking from Department of Education.

It wouldn’t be a political week without yet another twist in the Chris Huhne speeding case. The file has gone back to the CPS after they sent it back to the police after they sent it the first time, though with more evidence this time. Keep up!

As we go to pixel this week a mere 91,006 visitors made 251,817 visits to view 386,183 pages.  The top  stories  in order of popularity were:

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Quote of the Day

Responding to Corbyn’s statement that the US should have arrested ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, John Mann bluntly tweeted:

Baghdadi blew himself up with a suicide belt. An arrest might have been slightly difficult in these circumstances.”


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