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One cock-up in a week looks like an accident, two a coincidence… but thrice looks like incompetence from a man promising he has changed after being booted out City Hall. Ken Livingstone is never going to go quietly. First we had his “Boris is Hitler” gag to Amber Elliott from Total Politics, and then Guido brought you his unnecessary blunder of publishing pictures of his team grinning and laughing while posing outside Boris Johnson’s family home in Islington. The photo was quickly pulled and Ken’s spinners tried to blame GuidoHe’s not sure how that one works either…

For an encore 66 year-old Ken pretended that he didn’t need glasses as he was at the height of fitness. But that one quickly unraveled

Elsewhere this week Guido threw another grenade Trinity Mirror’s way. He highlighted how a tribunal concerning a dismissal for phone-hacking might come back to haunt their legal-eagle. Elsewhere in the phone-hacking scandal we broke that the News of the Screws journalists have been conveniently silenced until after Tory conference, and also that Dave would end contact with Rebekah Brookes with an impartial “love you”.  The climax of the Libyan revolution has humiliated BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen, once again. We also had the final wordon Labour’s shameful seduction by the Gaddafi regime. Let this be a warning to all – no wonder Ed wasn’t so keen on a No-Fly Zone back in February. The man Labour let out for access to Libyan oil has also gone missing. What a surprise.  And finally that thieving magpie Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail has been caught red-handed stealing quips from the Telegraph’s letter page, and filing it as his own copy. Isn’t there a word for that…?

As we go to pixel this week 105,224 visitors made 289,841 visits to view 448,598 pages.  The top  stories  in order of popularity were:

You’re either in front of Guido, or you are behind…

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