Scandalous European Parliament Email Triggers Gossipping

The following was sent to over 6,000 European Parliament email addresses this morning. As far as Guido’s Euro-sources can tell, it’s the real deal. The official who sent it had been off ill, came in today to send the email, and promptly walked out. There has been a frantic scramble to try delete it across the Parliament’s network:

Dear Secrétaire général,

Dear Freddy,

So I’ve taken the decision to resign from the PE [European Parliament] because I’ve learned some funny things about you. In effect, it would seem that you are fucking █████ and that also, you are eating the pussies of ████, ████ and ████. Don’t you think that’s shameful? These women hold interesting positions and even though others are qualified, we remain blocked. Little █████ is even a civil servant but she has never passed the course. █████ has never passed a course and she is █████████, and she has been at the PE for 10 years. So, if it’s necessary to suck the SG’s [Secrétaire Général] cock to get a position, it’s truly fucking disgusting.

It’s the same thing for the mother ██████, she’s had a child by the old ████████ ████████ and she is the SGA. [Secrétaire Général’s Assistant]

So have a good return to parliament after your well deserved holiday.



Faithful servant of Princess L (AKA the Slut Princess)

The original, in French, was sent to the Secrétaire Général of the European Parliament, Klaus Welle, and Freddy Drexler, the Chef de Cabinet of the President.

Guido has redacted some of the names involved, but tongues are certainly wagging in Brussels…

Via the original that was posted by England Expects and thanks to the many Twittering translators.

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