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The Telegraph had an OpEd from David Cameron yesterday morning. Not unusual, but it did make Guido chuckle given what he heard last night. Number 10 was approached for a piece from Dave for yesterday’s launch of the HuffPo, but apparently what was sent in was deemed too dull and “basically a press release”. There were few Cameroons at Arianna’s party, unless you count Toby Young.

Miliband jumped in to fill the void with his own post on the site today. Team Ed assure Guido that their boy wrote it all by himself. This is contradicted only by what Guido overheard discussed in the lift at the launch party last night about Bob Roberts working hard to ensure “it sounded like him” and to “get the tone right”. Ed it seems had a little help from the ex-Mirror hack. This is believed to be the closest anyone has come to actually being paid to blog for HuffPo.

In other related news, apparently we are set to enjoy another Ask Ed Miliband event on Twitter “very soon”. Given recent behaviour, Ed will no doubt just retweet the same reply to every question. Over and over again…

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