Saturday Seven Up

A couple of blog exclusives this week got followed-up by broadcasters and the Dead-Tree-Press. We revealed that the raging consultant who burst in on Cameron and Clegg during a hospital visit is now on “permanent leave”. Guido spoke with a member of the TV production pool team who was scathing, insisting that they did offer to scrub-up but the senior nurse said there was no need since they weren’t going to touch patients or anything else. He said the consultant was “grandstanding” and a few other more choice words.

A “Westminster village” only story was about the “Sack Gillan” PMQs question planted by Cheryl Gillan. As Greece slides down the euro-pan we took a moment to name the British Europhile “Guilty Men” who would have dragged Britain into the monetary mess, including a young Danny Alexander (pictured), even though he was only a boy at the time. He is now the Treasury Secretary…

Five days after Guido gave a Powerpoint presentation in London to visiting Chinese Communist Party Propagandists, Internal Security officials and Information Ministry bureaucrats (see Guido’s Advice to the Chinese Communist Party’s Propagandists) the dissident artist Ai Weiwei was released. Woz It Powerpoint Wot Did It? Guido is far too modest to suggest…

We did ask this week Why Did Luciana Chuck Her Man, Eh? However the most popular story of the week is a year old story which whilst not directly involving Luciana Berger was still relevant to her.

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Quote of the Day

Jacob Rees Mogg writes

“If I had to choose between no deal and Mrs May’s original accord, I would have no hesitation of opting for no-deal Brexit but even Mrs May’s deal would be better than not leaving at all.”


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