Eurocrats: The Guilty Men

The eurosceptic right could not have been more vindicated by the mess in Greece. As another twelve billion Euros looks set to be poured down the drain, finally the consensus is coming round to what those of us in the anti-Euro-brigade have been predicting for two decades. At the launch of the Britain in Europe campaign in 1999, Blair brought together Ken Clarke, Helseltine, Heath, Mandy, Charlie Kennedy, Huhne, Hain and the foresighted Neil Kinnock, telling them:

“Once in each generation, the case for Britain in Europe needs to be remade, from first principles. The time for this generation is now. We are told that Europe is bad for the British economy, that being part of Europe means abandoning our allies in the USA, that Europe is obstinately against reform, dedicated to bloated bureaucracy rather than the needs of European citizens, that being in Europe means losing our identity as the British nation, that as a consequence, Britain should rule out joining the euro and should prepare to leave Europe altogether. It is time we took each of these arguments in turn and demolished them.”

Only one side of the argument was demolished:

“LibDems’ Chris Huhne said failure to join the euro would lead to a collapse of inward investment and mocked eurosceptics who warned that the Irish economy would overheat once it joined the euro because of low interest rates.”

And who was the young man charged with pushing Blair’s pro-European message and communicating the work of the campaign to take us into the euro? Step forward a young Danny Alexander, the man who now has his hand on the economic tiller, yet lacked the basic foresight to see the spectacular failure that the Euro-zone would become. Fills you with confidence…

These “statesmen” made a catastrophic error of judgement on a scale which had they been successful in dragging the UK into the euro would have seen us suffer even more since 2008 as well as lose our monetary sovereignty. It is noticeable that many of these same statesman now tell us messianically that global warming is a fact, not a theory, and want to commit us to destroying our economic competitiveness. If at first you don’t succeed…

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Quote of the Day

Stephen Bush writing in the New Statesman‘s morning briefing…

“The terrifying truth is that the Opposition is too divided – within the parliamentary party, within the trades unions, within the Shadow Cabinet and even within the leader’s office – to be anything other than a veto player as far as Brexit goes, and the party’s whole gambit is really about trying to make that weakness look like a strength. Keir Starmer saying that Labour is “increasingly likely” to vote down the deal is simply a reflection of the fact that the one thing the Labour party will be able to agree on as far as Brexit goes is that Theresa May’s deal is no good.”


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