The Return of the King

Andrew Grice suggests this morning that David Miliband is mulling over a surprise return to the frontbench. “Friends” have suggested:

“…there is a debate going on. Some people are arguing that it would be better to be a team player than look as though he is sulking on the sidelines.”

Having taken home over £200,000 from other jobs already this year, will David become a full-time MP again before taking on such responsibility? Not everyone seems happy at the idea, other Shad Cabbers argue that it will make the soap-opera a daily affair. As Sir Humphrey says “it is necessary to get behind someone before you can stab them in the back…”

UPDATE: As a co-conspirator points out in the comments “If you look at the Labour Party Leadership rules, if a Labour Leader steps down or is unable to remain Leader when the party is in opposition, the replacement can only be elected from among Shadow Cabinet members. So David Miliband would do himself a favour by being in it.” Punters don’t rate his chances of an early return that highly:

Jan. 1 – Jun. 30 2011   5%
Jul. 1 – Dec. 31 2011 30%
Jan. 1 – Jun. 30 2012 17%
Jul. 1 – Dec. 31 2012 24%
After 2012, or not at all 60%

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