Another Sunday Savaging For Huhne Calamity Chris Changes Story

The Sunday Times claim that Huhne is willing to accept he may have been behind the wheel when that speeding offence took place. Which is odd, given that last week he said that the allegations were “simply incorrect” and “untrue”. Huhne is now backtracking and it looks to Guido like he might be trying to avoid a jail sentence.

He can explain it all, under caution, to Essex Police this week.

The Sunday Telegraph claim Vicky Pryce will tell the police that Huhne forced another female close to him to take points on another occasion. They also speculate that Huhne’s lawyers will put the onus on the police to prove it was Huhne driving. That shouldn’t be too hard given Pryce’s alibi and unfortunately, for Chris, Ryanair claim they are willing to cooperate with the investigation by handing over the passenger lists from that fateful night in March 2003.

The Mail on Sunday have some shocking news. Vicky Pryce’s licence is clean, bar three expired points for a speeding offence. On March 12, 2003.

After three weeks this scandal has got deeper rather than gone away. The Secretary of State has been distracted with this fight for his political life and unable to properly fulfil his job. He’s now fatally changed his story.

How long before he realises the game is up…

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