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Day 10: Another ravaging for Huhne in the papers. Nigel Farage reckons that Chris Huhne was in Essex the night of the speeding offence, as he was usually on the same flight from Strasbourg to Stansted airport and he travelled on March 12, 2003. Meanwhile Vicky Pryce was dining forty miles away in London.

The Mail  reports that senior LibDems colluded in a cover up, and turned a blind eye to Huhne pulling the ticket stunt on more than one occasion. They also claim Vicky Pryce sought the advice of and friend and judge in 2003. The Telegraph picked up in Guido’s non-denial denial speculation from yesterday. A senior LibDem source twisted the knife last night:

“There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling. So far Huhne has failed to deny the allegations in full, he has only said that the allegations are incorrect. The story just does not stack up,”

Huhne was abandoned in the House yesterday. Colleagues notably failed to rally around him for his big climate announcement. He sat and faced the mockery and  and jokes from Labour alone. #HuhneTunes at the weekend was the public laughing, and now Huhne’s fellow MPs are mocking him. Guido has said it before and will say it again – can a cabinet minister survive when he has become a national joke and synonymous with lying? Methinks not…

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