Breaking: Essex Police To Talk To Huhne and Pryce

Essex Police have just announced that they will be interviewing the “key individuals” over allegations that Huhne tried to evade punishment for speeding. That would be him and his soon to be ex-wife then.

Michael Crick speculates that Clegg could have been on the same plane that night, and Guido has found the speed camera. Senior LibDems knew about the allegations years ago. How deep was the cover-up? Perhaps the police might like to call Clegg as a witness if he was on the plane…

Huhne was looking chipper and smiling when he snuck in late to PMQs. And no wonder, Ken Clarke’s mealy-mouthed mess today has given Huhne huge amounts of cover when he would have been the biggest political story for another day.

But he’s back up the agenda now…

UPDATE: The full statement from Detective Superintendent Tim Wills, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate:

“There are many lines of inquiry to be taken and the team are still working to establish if an offence has been committed. Obviously, this will entail speaking to key individuals identified by the enquiry team. It would not be appropriate to release any more information prior to progressing these lines of enquiry.”


That’s not to say the old bill can’t check the flight records.


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Former Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King…

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