Beware of the Wife of the Man in a Hurry

Ask yourself how the Sunday Times had so much detail in their piece this weekend about Huhne passing off speeding penalty points, an illegal activity. They had the when (2003) and the where (Chelmsford), they also had Vicky Pryce, Huhne’s estranged wife. Why didn’t Vicky go to the police with what she knew about her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s criminal activity?

Speculation around Westminster is that it could be because it was she who took the penalty points. The argument goes that the paper’s lawyers wouldn’t have allowed their hacks to give Huhne the kicking that they did, unless they already had proof. In the meantime the rest of the press-pack has been sent on a wild goose chase looking for former staffers, when the truth might well be right under their noses all along:

“He was forced on the defensive after his estranged wife became the first to comment on Westminster rumours that he had convinced “someone close to him” to accept penalty points for a speeding offence.”

While there are other suspects, “someone close to him”? Hmmm…

Vicky launched her penalty points drop-kick within 24 hours of the AV referendum result. Huhne had a window on Saturday when he could have resigned in disgust and been a hero to the LibDem rank and file, now he’ll probably end up resigning in disgrace. Did Mrs Huhne do just enough to block off any chance of Huhne making a dramatic exit, but resile herself from destroying his career and incriminating herself? Hell hath no fury like a calculating economist…

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Quote of the Day

Trevor Kavanagh’s analysis of the Brexit process…

“Thanks to Mrs May and her useless Chancellor Phil Hammond, this will not come without pain. But we escape with imagination and true British grit or we will be boiled alive.

It means on this centenary Remembrance of our struggle against tyranny, we risk ceding non-military victory in Europe to the undemocratic forces of an unaccountable totalitarian regime.”


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