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Edmond Talmacean has inspired national headlines in Romania with his Michael Jackson-style moonwalking and impersonations of the late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. “Dancing is another kind of political message to appeal to the younger generation, that it is good to have fun … that you can go to a disco and dance,” says 40-year-old Edmond. Conservative Partidul Democrat-Liberal bosses have ordered him to tone it down with Prime Minister Emil Boc declaring the routine was more suited to “showbiz” than politics. That he is one of the most popular politicians in Romania with the highest name recognition is evidence that the Guidoisation of politics is global…

Edmond’s populist, centre-right Partidul Democrat-Liberal is the largest party in the Romanian coalition government. Yes there is such a thing as a popular centre-right Liberal Democratic coalition government party, all Clegg needs to do is get Cable moonwalking. That is if Cable doesn’t just walk

Hat-tip: Nothing To Do With Arbroath

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