BBC Pick Up Piggin' Wiggin

The BBC has finally picked up on the investigation launched in Tory Whip Bill Wiggin and the curiously bung-like £5,000 payment made to his local Conservative Association from his expenses. It seems he is continuing his quest to become the Tory answer to Jim “admit your guilt on telly” Devine:

“Mr Wiggin told BBC News his local Conservative Association hired the room in Leominster and he had claimed for the expense on its behalf. He said he did not “pay any money or get any money” himself.”

A classic deflecting tactic – deny something of which you haven’t been accused. No one has suggested Wiggin personal benefited this time round, rather he put in a false invoice claiming to be for room hire at over six hundred pounds an hour, and when he was challenged backtracking and stating it was all for unverifiable and vague “work”. Sounds a lot like mystery shelving

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