Happy Birthday Gordon: Chuka Attacks Brown

Fresh from going to Wall Street last week where in his own words he told us “I shall be talking truth to financial power”, the financial genius and intellectual titan of economics that is Chuku Ummunna rounded yesterday on the government over Barclays.

Ed Miliband’s PPS and Treasury Select Committee member Chuka said it was “shocking” that Barclays had paid so little in corporation tax in 2009:

This revelation underlines the government’s failure to take the robust action needed to make sure that the banks which caused the crash pay their fair share, and will stick in the stomachs of small businesses struggling to borrow and ordinary people…

No doubt it will sicken the lumpen left-wing looters who were protesting on high streets yesterday. It is indeed down to the government to determine the tax regime under which banks operate and in Chuka’s view this “underlines the government’s failure to take the robust action needed”. In his rush to bash the bankers Chuka seems to have forgotten that it was Gordon Brown’s Labour Party government that was in power in 2009. Happy Sixtieth Birthday Gordon from the New Generation…

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