Al Megrahi Deal Smoking GunJohn McTernan's Email Reveals Deal Terms

The SNP have always denied they did a deal with Downing Street to release Scotland’s worst mass murderer. Alex Salmond claimed only last December that “We weren’t interested in threats, we weren’t interested in blandishments, we were only interested in applying Scots justice and that’s what we did.” Only last week Salmond’s spokesman Kevin Pringle said claims of a deal are “complete and utter garbage without a shred or scintilla of truth.” Here is proof as to who is really lying:

Scot’s justice was bought and the Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill’s price was £100 million. The Labour government in Westminster brought forward legislation to get the SNP government in Scotland off the Somerville judgement hook in June 2009, two months later Megrahi was released. It was a sordid deal between Labour and the SNP at the behest of oil giant BP to get them off the hook with Libya. If you think it stinks, the smell is not just from the slopping out buckets.

Read the full story in the Mail on Sunday. More background here and here. Before anyone claims the above email is a forgery, Guido has already authenticated it.

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