What Did Bob Roberts Know?

As the attention surrounding phone hacking widens beyond the News of the World, Guido thought he would be the first person to ask what former employees of other tabloid newspapers knew about the widespread practice.

Take former Mirror man Bob Roberts for example. Can he hand on heart suggest he had no idea phone hacking was taking place, when his newspaper was proven to be by far the worst “blaggers” by the Information Commissioner with nearly 2,000 cases of their journalists pretending to be someone they were not in order to gain information they were  not entitled to, or worse still bribing phone company, HMRC or DVLC employees:

Guido is looking forward to the Guardian pursuing Ed Miliband’s press man with vigour…

UPDATE: Bob tells Guido “categorically” that he had “no knowledge or personal experience” of phone hacking during his time at the Mirror.

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