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Fresh from her gratuitous attack on the right of her party, Baronesss Warsi has felt their wrath this morning in the run up to her controversal “Britain is full of bigots” speech. Lord Tebbit has taken to his blog to slam his successor as party chairman:

“I would have told her to go to our Christian churches and listen to what was said about her religion and those who practise it, then to the Mosques to hear what is said in some of them about the Christian faith and those who practise it (or about Buddhists, Jews, or even those who have no faith at all). After that, I would say, she might consider who is in need of her homilies on prejudice. Until then a period of silence from the Baroness might not come amiss.”

Downing Street insiders say that Warsi is an “accident waiting to happen”, but it seems to Guido and many others that the horse has already bolted in this case. Is Warsi really the best person to be lecturing the rest of the country about tolerance? Not if her own futile attempts at getting elected are anything to go by. She was slammed for her homophobic leaflets in 2005 and caused a headache when covertly recorded in 2010. Warsi told a Muslim audience:

“He says that we need more Muslims MPs, that we need more Muslims in the House of Lords. I would actually disagree with that because I think one of the lessons we have learnt in the last five years in politics is that not all Muslims that go to into politics have asool.”

Asool is Urdu for “morals” or “principles“. It’s that sort of sweeping generalisation that would fail her own “dinner party conversation” test…

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