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Lord Taylor would not be on trial today if was not for a combination of bloggers and Jonathan Calvert of the Sunday Times. Taylor, a former barrister, is pleading not guilty to six counts of false accounting under the 1968 Theft Act between 2006 and 2007, he denies dishonestly claiming £11,277.

For background on ther case see Pesky Bloggers Do It Again (Nov, 2009).

Amusingly he claimed to a co-conspirator on the Lords of the Blog not long before being charged that

For your information, the police have examined my expenses. The police are satisfied that there has been no impropriety or any other cause for concern. They have thanked me for my cooperation, and will not be taking the matter further.

Alas that turned out to be untrue when it was challenged by a co-conspirator, that very claim on his blog set in course a chain of events that led to him being in Southwark Crown Court today. He would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky bloggers…

(On a lighter note Guido did however like some of his blogged tips for a better life – Top Tips From Troughing Lord Taylor.)

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