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While the numbers were greatly exaggerated, last night could not have been fun for Culture Secretary and apparently secret Murdoch stooge, Jeremy Hunt, as his talk to LSE was stormed by some rather well spoken protesters:

What they were protesting, no one is quite sure. A little Murdoch, some cuts, some fees, but mainly the fact Jeremy Hunt was alive. Even their organising email seems quite confused:

Hi all,
1. Correction for the open organising meeting this Thursday 5pm in room 3.24 (not 1.24) old building
Hope to see lots there!
2. Tory MP Jeremy Hunt will be speaking at LSE tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6.30pm in the NAB. We will be joining students from LSE, SOAS and UCL by protesting outside the NAB from 6.15. This is the man who has said ‘poor people should have less children’, and is now responsible for pushing through benefit cuts to the most vunerable in society as the dissabilities [sic.] minister.
Bring your anti-fees banners down and lets tell him where he can stuff his cuts!

Witnesses in the room report that the whole thing was rather embarrassing for the event organisers but even more so for the protesters:

“People didn’t know what to look at first – in the end hundreds of us just waited patiently for them to leave. Snoddy was angry; an LSE alumnus who works for Polis said that when Douglas Hurd came along to the LSE 20 years ago they talked to him, they didn’t barrack him, that’s the way to do it.”

Trying to tell that to Red-Fascists is like talking to a brick wall. Hunt was quite right to tell them where to go, there was four times as many people in the room he was already engaging with before thirty overgrown, noisy, children rudely interrupted. Why didn’t they attend the event in the normal way and ask a question like anyone else? If you behave like idiots, you shouldn’t be surprised when you are treated like one.

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