Labour's Losers Love the City

Guido just took a peek at the rulings of the advisory committee on former ministers’ appointments. For all the city bashing going on this week from the red benches, it seems Gordon’s old lot, especially those advising him on money matters, couldn’t sign up to the financial world soon enough. Working directly for banks or investment firms are:

  • Lord Daviesh – Former Minister for Trade Promotion and Investment
  • Ruth Kelly – Former Secretary of State Department for Transport
  • Lord Malloch-Brown – Former Minister of State Foreign Office
  • Lord Myners– Former Financial Services Secretary
  • Ian Pearson – Former Economic Secretary HM Treasury
  • Jacqui Smith – Former Home Secretary
  • Baroness Vadera – Former Under-Secretary of State Enterprise
  • Admiral West – Former Under-Secretary of State Counter-terrorism

Funny there hasn’t been a big job offer for Brown yet. No bank wants that curse, but there is no problem for those who were around him when he drove the nation’s finances into a brick wall. Underwhelming in government, this lot have not been lapped up for the skills they clearly didn’t display in power, but for their contact books and access. The banker bashing from Labour doesn’t quite ring true when there is a queue forming for the revolving door. Bonuses all round!

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Fresh from making his campaign pledge to kill off old people, Jeremy Hunt says on Islamophobia…

“We have to be whiter that white ourselves… we have to make sure we are dealing with this issue…”


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