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He says, she says, the wife says, the daughters disagree. It is all in the Mail today. Everyone comes out fighting and badly…

Nadine says:

  • “As the pub door opened, he was framed in the light, and as we looked at each other I realised that for the first time we were looking at each other in a different way.’”
  • “I was both saddened and dismayed to discover I have been labelled a ‘home-wrecker’”
  • “She confided in me… that she had been seeing a man, an Australian, without John’s knowledge, and was contemplating returning with him to Adelaide.”
  • “I have no idea what will happen to John and me. We have only had a handful of dates… I hope Rachael and I can one day become friends again and she may understand it wasn’t me who wrecked her marriage. Until she does realise this, she will be unable to accept the real reason and seek the professional help she so desperately needs.”

He says:

  • “My decision to leave Rachael was taken separately from that to enter a relationship with Nadine.”

The Wife says:

  • “I told her I still loved him and wanted to make it work. After what she’s done, I can’t believe I used to trust her.”
  • “What they’ve said is all lies… They claim not to have begun their affair until we were separated and they say that happened in December. That’s not true…”
  • “I was suspicious for months, because he started to go out to the local pub, the Eight Bells, a lot, dressed smartly in trousers and a shirt, and sometimes wouldn’t come back until 2am.”
  • “She presents herself as being so moral, but my husband is married and I believe she set out to get him, probably for his money. ‘He has an aeroplane, gyrocopter, three motorbikes, a flat in Oxford and this house. But if we divorce, I will take him for every penny. I’m going to name her in the divorce to publicly shame her for what she’s done. I don’t think she should be an MP any more – she should resign.”

His daughter says:

  • “Mum and Dad splitting up has nothing to do with Nadine. My mother has been absolutely horrible to my father. ‘She has been in decline for years, spending most of her time in the pub and drinking two bottles of wine a day at home.”

Other daughter says:

  • “I am not against my father having an affair. But I am against the person he is having an affair with. I’ve never had a good relationship with Nadine Dorries.”
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