All Power to the Looney-Left Nutroots!

In a change from talking to each other on Twitter, online-lefties are getting together this weekend to work out how they can break-out from their hitherto introverted conversation. True to their ideals Netroots will be their Central Planning Committee. With TUC money behind it the more bonkers elements of the unpopular side of the blogosphere are having a get-together to work out the best way to republish lines from Tom Watson’s attack unit and make it look like an organic, genuine grassroots operation.  It will probably turn out to be a frothing, righteous but ultimately meaningless circle-jerk.

Guido has some advice for the on-message bloggers of LabourList, Next Left, Liberal Conspiracy, Left Foot Forward, Political Scrapbook et al. Today shows just where you are going wrong. So blind are you in your partisan tribal loyalty that not a single one of you could bring yourself to report on a convicted thief because of the colour of the rosette he once wore. This head-in-the-sand mentality is why you are only preaching to the choir. The coordination which is evident in some of the simultaneous choices of subject matter is transparently obvious – it doesn’t do your readers any service to all be saying the same thing about an issue simultaneously – in fact it is a turn off for readers to see the same thing that they have read elsewhere.

ConservativeHome looks at issues of concern to Tory activists entirely differently to the panglossian way the Labour blogosphere by and large treats internal issues. Tim Montgomerie is respected by the Tory body politic because he is candid. Even forgiving its McBride-directed past, LabourList will not really be respected by the Labour Party machine so long as it reads like a fanzine. Political Scrapbook, which like Guido aims to cover politics in a more entertaining and accessible way, invariably ignores Labour bad news stories. Is that really best for their readers?

The online left are well to the left of ordinary Labour voters, in America the “nutroots” online crowd was quietly despised by the Obama campaign’s operation because they were flaky lefties. The more influence the UK nutroots crowd have on Ed Miliband the better as far as Guido is concerned, they will drag him to the left and away from the voters. The nutroots crowd’s support for the counter-productive violent student demos shows they just can’t see what a turn off lefties are to the voting public. So all power to the nutroots, may they succeed in dragging the Labour Party as far to the left as they can…

Chaytor on Gaoling MPs

In a Commons debate in 2001, Mr David Chaytor (Lab, Bury North) lamented the downfall of the last government:

“Others ended up in jail—if they did not end up there, they should have done. The record of the last Conservative Government is dire.”

Almost as funny as the Telegraph’s Jon Swaine revealing that the reply he got when he put the allegations to Chaytor back in May 2009 was written in Comic Sans. Not so funny now is it…

+ + + David Chaytor (H)MP + + + 18 Months

Mr Justice Saunders just sentenced the former Labour MP for Bury, David Chaytor, to eighteen months at Her Majesty’s pleasure after pleading guilty to three counts of false accounting, or stealing £18,000 from the taxpayer, under section 17 of the Theft Act 1968.

Guido has been waiting six years to type that sentence.

Friday Caption Contest (Guilty Edition)

Quote of the Day

Prosecuting QC Peter Wright told the court:

“We say Mr Chaytor knew the rules, why else would he produce false documents?”

The Ease of Opposition

Liam Byrne has popped his head above the parapet this morning to slam Francis Maude as “Britain’s most expensive butcher”. Apparently the government’s promised “Bonfire of the Quangos” has been a damp squib. But what’s this from July 2009?

The Treasury has called for a crackdown on quangos, which are costing taxpayers billions each year.

Liam Byrne, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has written to Whitehall departments demanding an urgent review of all quangos to assess which can be abolished, merged with other bodies or taken back directly into their ministries.

Where’s your axe now Baldemort?

Operation Get Behind the Yellows Continues

After it emerged that the Cabinet discussed how they could maximise the chances of the LibDems winning in Oldham, Dave had to hit the stump, but it was hardly a ringing endorsement for the Tory candidate. Not only did the PM undertake an extremly low-key visit, he also managed to forget the candidate’s name. Political Scrapbook got the video:

The message to the large Tory vote in the seat is don’t bother or vote tactically. The ambivalence from high command has infuriated many in the party who see this as yet another example of Cameron steering ever closer to the LibDems. What were mutterings from a few of the old guard, has become a growing concern among many of the new members. Speaking to a couple of them last night, it seems Cameroon has become a dirty word…

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Quote of the Day

David David responds when asked if he’s confident he can make a success of Brexit:

“Why on earth could it go wrong?”

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