Piggin' Wiggin Caught Fibbin'

Yesterday Guido published a recording of expenses fiddling Tory MP Bill “piggin” Wiggin defending himself against allegations from a constituent about where exactly his main and second homes are. Wiggin claimed, on the record, he told Parliament that his “main home” was in Herefordshire, enabling him to benefit from the perks of the second home allowance for his London property, but that’s not what he told his local council.

The official rules determining how these parking permits are given out state that in order to get one the house must be your primary residence and the car has to be registered to that address. Wiggin claims that he was allowed not one, but two, permits, which he later expensed, despite it not being his primary residence because his his children went to school in the area. This smelt a little off to Guido, so he spoke to someone senior at Hammersmith and Fulham who stated in no uncertain terms:

“We don’t do special dispensations for anyone on parking permits and if we ever did it wouldn’t be because of children.”

Guido knows old Bill is a reader, so would he kindly explain that one?

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