MP Forgets To Chuka Original Away

Chuka “Barack” Umunna has committed the schoolboy error of leaving an original document in one of the many shared parliamentary photocopiers. The man that secretly pitches himself as the Britain’s very own Obama was witnessed by a co-conspiring bag-carrier making hundreds of copies of this:

Guido would like to remind the new member that mass unsolicited mailings are against the rules, but its another little one that John Lyon often turns a blind eye to. So who could the mystery guest possibly be… Given Chuka is Ed Miliband’s PPS, could the invisible leader be planning to actually show his face somewhere?

UPDATE : Guido’s high-level bag-carrying and photocopying source reports that he re-visited the photocopier and found the machine now stuffed full of mangled “Chuka Umunna MP: New from Westminster” leaflets, and this note attached to the machine. Not only that, the other photocopier in the room had a similar note attached, in the same hand-writing. Tsk, tsk…

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