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Dave did that American trick of singling out a hero in the audience in his speech. Kay Burley interviewed him afterwards. Transcript below:

*Speakers Kay Burley*

* Harry Beckhough*

*KB: *OK just to tell you about the deficit and all that sort of stuff in a second, we’re trying to sort out a couple of chairs…

*HB: *Wait a minute, who are you?

*KB:* Harry you’re live on the tele. You didn’t used to have 24 hour news
when you first started in politics did you?

*HB:* No.

*KB:* Now you were mentioned weren’t you. Can I just remind our viewers
first of all what was said about you then we’ll have a quick chat. This is Harry Beckough and we heard from the Prime Minister…

*HB:* Beckhough! Like ‘rough’ or ‘tough’.

*KB:* Right ho. Just say that again, Beckhough?

*HB*: Hough.

*KB: * Hough, Beckhough, there we go.

*HB*: In Yorkshire. Hough. As in piece of land.

*KB:* Oh I see. OK. Born in 1929, is that right? Were you born in 1929?

*HB*: No. I was born in 1914.

*KB*: When did you join the party?

*HB*: 1929.

*KB:* Fine. And you fought for the Stafford Cripps? Is that right?

*HB:* I didn’t fight for him, I fought against him.

*KB:* Did you? OK well tell me more about that in a second because I want
to ask about 81 years, 21 elections, is that right?

*HB*: Yes.

*KB*: So I’ve got something right finally. Churchill warned of an Iron Curtain, you were with us, is that right?

*HB*: I was with Churchill.

*KB*: Very good. When a lady refused to turn, Harry was with us, it says?

*HB*: That’s right.

*KB*: Presumably that was Margaret Thatcher?

*HB*: That was Maggie Thatcher.

*KB*: OK, so that’s just for our viewers at home who are listening…

*HB*: Those are the two great leaders of this country. Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. We didn’t have very many other good leaders around that time. And we still haven’t had any good leaders from Margaret Thatcher until now because the leader after Margaret Thatcher wasn’t much good. Sold us out as a country and his name was Mr Major.


UPDATE : Audio here:

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