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7upSeptember saw 249,626 absolute unique visitors make 1,036,633 visits to view 1,736,062 pages, adding in the 870,894 views from feed readers and Guido is at some 2.6 million hits.

The top story last month was breaking that William Hague shared hotel bedrooms with his Special Adviser Christopher Myers. In fact four out of five of the top stories last month were Hague related, the other top story being The Media’s Crucifixion of the Pope is Atheist Bigotry – which attracted some 820 comments from co-conspirators as well as a new range of followers on Twitter – many of whom tweet in Latin. Usually traffic falls off a little during party conference season, Guido suspects this week it won’t…

Last week Guido beat all the mainstream media and co-conspirators read the statement confirming David Miliband’s exit from frontline politics here first – a good half-an-hour before the BBC. The top 7 stories from the last 7 days (in order of popularity) that you might have missed were:

You’re either in front of Guido, or you are behind…

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