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One of the downsides of the Ed Miliband victory is we are now going to have to endure the slimy and arrogant Sadiq Khan coming to the forefront of the Labour team. The loyal campaign manager, who only just survived the election after a series of expenses misdemeanours, will have to be rewarded with a proper Shadow Cabinet post.

Khan’s outspoken foreign policy views rule him out of the FCO or defence. In a message to Ed Miliband supporters during the campaign Khan said Britain needed to support “a more independent foreign policy”, the subtext of which is in line with his rant last year that the UK’s relationship with the US was “poison”.

With little experience other than transport,  he is not qualified for the treasury and Khan has now gone favourite to replace Alan Johnson as Shadow Home Secretary, the position Ed Balls had his eye on if David Miliband, or Yvette, get the Shadow Chancellorship. Despite the fact that  both are instantly dislikeable on television and in person, struggling Teresa May would surely breathe a sigh of relief not to have the more experienced of the two bruisers shadowing her.

The Scotland Yard investigation into Khan’s expenses fraud might make his potential new role a little awkward though…

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