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Lord  Taylor of Warwick is facing charges related to fiddling his second home expenses and mileage allowance. The CPS have decided that the prosecution is in the “public interest”. Humiliation of troughing politicians is always in the public interest.

In true Viz style he has kindly shared his top tips for leading a happy life with the world. Guido thinks the tips could be helped by a change of residence:

  1. Organic oatmeal as cleanser and gentle exfoliater; – Plenty of oatmeal porridge could soon be available
  2. Stretch to energise; Lie back with feet up during catnaps, to help blood circulation; – Long stretch possible
  3. Honey as a sweetener, never white sugar Add to porridge to taste
  4. Go to bed before midnight! (If anyone ever achieves this, please let me know!). – Lock down is 10 p.m. inside

A change of residence for the former barrister might be as good as a rest and help him overcome his locational amnesia. He doesn’t seem to know where he lives half the time…

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