Poor Business Model Closes Atrium

There was uproar this lunchtime as the news spread that Westminster’s over-priced, and very public, eatery The Atrium is set to close. Despite the sloppy service and mediocre food, the place was a hotbed of gossip with Sky News and the BBC in the same 4 Millbank building and a constant flow of MPs, Peers and lobbyists.

There was some speculation that the provocative EyeSpyMP had claimed its first scalp, with politicos not enjoying their four bottle lunches being reported, but Guido’s man in the kitchen has revealed  the real reason why it’s going:

“It’s f***ing b*****ks. The Landlord is putting over the top restrictions on the type of events we can have. No PA systems, no late nights, music etc. We can’t make a profit out of lunch so the restrictions from the management shut off the blood flow. Everyone here is furious.”

Nothing to do with the ever so slightly more discreet Roux becoming flavour of the month then. Get your for-old-times-sake booking in quick, the Atrium will be gone next week.

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Quote of the Day

Stella Creasy at Jewish Labour fringe event…

“I was going to say something about how good it is being a Jew in the Labour party at the moment… but someone told me you guys don’t get irony.”


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